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Complete relaxation. Instantly.

Immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquility and serenity at our Yoga Hotel in South Tyrol. Here, you have the opportunity to leave the hectic everyday life behind and fully embrace the world of relaxation. Our carefully designed yoga and relaxation program, introduced by Marilena Pirfhofer years ago and since then an integral part, has been developed to help you shake off the stress of everyday life and find your inner balance.





Yoga & Fitness at Paradies

Discover the diverse yoga and relaxation program in our hotel with Tibetan singing bowl meditations, dream journeys, Sun Salutation, and Hatha Yoga, guided by our experienced fitness and yoga instructors, Valentina.

Whether you prefer strength or endurance training, QiGong, or bodybuilding, in the refreshing pool or in the well-equipped fitness room, we offer you a varied fitness program in paradise. Valentina will be by your side, showing you suitable exercises and allowing you to train alone or in a group, at your own pace. Relax on vacation and grant yourself the freedom to pursue your favorite sport or try something new.


Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is the best known form of yoga. Inner balance is achieved through various breathing and body exercises combined with meditation.

Sun Salutation

The sun salutation gives new strength and energy and is the best way to start the day. It is also an extremely useful cardiovascular activity, relieves tension and increases concentration.

Guided meditation with Tibetan bells

The ideal way to truly feel on holiday: Valentina leads guests to the dimension of relaxation, where body and mind reach the perfect balance.

Group courses

Our yoga expert Valentina also offers all hotel guests various group classes on different types of yoga. So that you can follow the flow together.

Fitness room

High-quality equipment, gymnastic balls and mats facilitate personal training and motivate you to improve your flexibility, strength and endurance.


A healthy posture is the be-all and end-all. Pilates uses strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing to train precisely those muscles that are essential for this.


Qigong was practiced thousands of years ago as part of Chinese medicine. Through movement, breathing and meditation exercises, life energy is rekindled, calmness and serenity spread.

Fascia training

As muscular connective tissue, fasciae fulfill important functions in our body. This training restores the elasticity of the fascia and counteracts adhesions.


A workout in pleasant water is not only beneficial, but also fun. Targeted exercises effectively train strength and endurance without overloading.

HIIT workout

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This workout aims to build muscle quickly and promote fat burning. Particularly intensive exercises are alternated with breaks.


Personal training

Everybody is different and needs customized exercises to reach their full potential. With personal training, we cater to your needs and wishes and support you on your way.

Back fitness

In this programme, we show you specific exercises for a healthy and strong back so that you can get through your everyday life without discomfort. The back is stretched and the muscles are activated.


Experience the wonders of nature up close

Experience the beauty of nature with our free guided hikes in collaboration with our partner Berglouter. From April to October, we offer a variety of tours that offer breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable experiences.


Adventures close to nature: guided bike tours

Discover the beauty of nature on two wheels! Our guided bike tours offer the perfect opportunity to explore the surrounding area and get close to nature. Book your guided trail bike tour.

Our partner HejHej-mats

Our partner HejHej-mats

Together with our partner HejHej-mats, we are working to make the shared passion for yoga at Hotel Paradies more sustainable.
HejHej-mats' vision is to reduce the amount of plastic waste by using sustainable yoga equipment, promote conscious consumption and make our planet a better place to live for future generations. 

If you are interested, HejHej-mats products can also be purchased in the Paradies Hotel Shop.

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