A green holiday ...

… like the nature that surrounds us

We have the privilege of living in a beautiful area that deserves to be protected. For this, we are committed to respecting various actions aimed at its sustainability. Our aim is to preserve - and also try to improve - this wonderful paradise, where we live and where you enjoy wonderful holidays, for future generations. We know that words are not enough, so here we present the concrete project for protecting the climate and the environment of Paradies.

From 2023

Did you know that most of the disposable slippers are immediately thrown away? For the sake of the environment, from 2023 we want to avoid this waste by inviting our guests to use their own. Upon request, we will provide slippers only at the reception desk.

Arrive carefree

Leave the car in the garage of your home and reach us by train or bus. In this way, both the journey and your stay on site will be ecological and stress-free.

Green electricity

With our photovoltaic system, we actively contribute to the protection of the environment and the climate, and we are able to power our kitchen, laundry and sauna. For the remaining energy requirement, we rely on Vion. Vion is a local electricity provider from the Venosta Valley, which obtains 100% of its electricity from renewable sources.

Charging station for electric cars

Without looking around for a place to recharge your electric car, we have a dedicated column in the hotel garage.

E-bike and bicycle rental

We give you the opportunity to rent normal and electric bicycles, to allow you to explore the surroundings of the hotel with a good dose of energy, even if without a car.


Our wood chip plant and the district heating plant in Laces produce fewer emissions than plants powered by oil or other fuels. In addition, they ensure heat recovery.

Plastic and waste

Where possible, we avoid plastic packaging and disposable personal care products. In addition, we pay attention to the correct division of waste throughout the structure.

We fill and reuse

All personal care products and water bottles come in refillable and reusable containers.

Laundry and cleaning

To wash and clean we use only certified ecological detergents and products. Also, we change guest towels only on request.

Construction and maintenance works

We rely on local artisans and construction companies in order to limit pollution, with long journeys.

Regional foods

By choosing local suppliers and seasonal products, we optimize and shorten delivery routes, while focusing on high quality.

Our herb garden

To give each dish maximum flavour, we use the aromas that we source directly from our hotel garden.

Sustainable irrigation

We do not waste drinking water to irrigate the garden.

Renewable raw materials

For the furnishings of the rooms, we prefer natural materials and fibres, which instil a feeling of welcome, as well as being ecological.


We mainly use energy-saving and LED lamps in order to create a warm, sustainable atmosphere.

Recharge at work

To keep each employee hydrated and motivated, we provide them with a water bottle to refill as needed.

Save paper

Thanks to mobile applications like Carlito, we avoid wasting paper by unnecessarily printing guest information.

Kids Club

Whenever possible, we use sustainable materials and recycled cardboard for handicrafts in the Kids Club.

Eco-friendly diapers:

As a welcome gift, you'll find a sample pack of Moltex eco-diapers in your room. They're made with 100% clean energy and have a soft plant-based inner layer. Plus, they're completely chemical-free.

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